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Tribute and Memorial Gifts

Since 1957, the work of dedicated board, staff, and partners has enabled the Accokeek Foundation to continue its mission of cultivating a passion for the natural and cultural heritage of Piscataway Park and commitment to stewardship and sustainability. 

Your contribution to the Memorial Fund ensures we can continue to share what these supporters loved about this landscape in Piscataway Park, for generations to come. 

Tribute and Memorial Gifts
James S. Potts
Memorial Fund

As Chairman of the Board of the Accokeek Foundation, Jim’s longtime leadership and deep commitment to the Foundation will help to shape our work for generations. Jim worked to advance the enduring legacy of the Foundation in Piscataway Park and was a driver for positive, transformational change. Jim’s extensive work to build the Foundation’s visibility, reputation, and stability will continue to be felt in our work for years to come.


Jim joined the board in 1998 and engaged energetically until his passing. He served in a variety of roles during his tenure, including Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer. He provided leadership, stability, and wisdom through decades of growth and change for the Foundation.  

Jim’s experience with the Foundation and its needs was especially important in recent years, as we navigated a leadership transition and a pandemic, and embarked on negotiations for our Cooperative Agreement renewal. He supported the development of a reimagined vision for the Accokeek Foundation’s future, with an emphasis on restoring Indigenous cultural and ecological stewardship practices, by Native people in Piscataway Park.

Eugene B. Roberts, Jr. Memorial Fund

A Trustee of the Accokeek Foundation for more than 10 years, Gene spent countless hours working to advance the enduring legacy of the National Colonial Farm and to elevate the Foundation’s historical and agricultural interpretation. He emphasized the importance of sharing the stories of both the “yeoman farmer” and the Piscataway people. Gene had a particular fondness for the Foundation’s heritage livestock conservation program, especially the American Milking Devons. His extensive work on the farm, in the barnyard, and in the boardroom leaves an indelible mark on the Accokeek Foundation.

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