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A Botanical Journey in Piscataway Park

Written by Molly Meehan, Community Outreach and Education Coordinator

Pawpaw in Bloom

As I journey into my third year working at the Accokeek Foundation and, essentially, my third year directing my attention toward our incredible local plant world in Southern Maryland, I am beginning to understand the mysterious and wonderful language of the local plants. The landscape is almost like one of those magic eye pictures. If you just turn your attention in a certain way long enough, relax into the view, you begin to see and understand things that weren’t apparent upon first observation. One could look at our incredible forests and gardens and just see a sea of green, different, indistinguishable shapes and sizes. These are the plants of my childhood and now, as an adult – and having been away from Maryland for nearly a decade, learning about plants in the southwest and Central America – I am thankful to have the chance to connect more deeply with the land and the plants where I am from.

Inspecting Buttercup during April's Plant ID Walk

Inspecting Buttercup during April’s Plant ID Walk