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Self-Guided Adventures

For explorers-at-heart of all ages

Adventures that fit into your schedule, these self-guided activities allow you to explore Piscataway Park anytime it's open. From birding to time-travel, there's an adventure for everyone. 

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Piscataway Park
Fairy Trail
June-November (Currently closed for season—activity book still available for download)

Explore the magic of the fairy trail with the help of a special guide created with knowledge from the fairies themselves! You see, fairies are plugged into the secrets of the forest and their guide will show you a whole new way of seeing the wooded world.

Choose your adventure...
four cedar waxwings sitting in a tree branch

Bird Adventure Pack

Be a citizen ornithologist and discover the feathered residents of Piscataway Park. Rent a pack from the Visitor Center during opening hours, or download the activity guide online for a virtual experience.


*Each pack includes binoculars, field guides, and a special activity.

Compass Pointing North


Geocaching is a modern treasure hunt for adventure seekers who want to get outside and explore. Each "cache" is a hidden container you locate using a handheld GPS device (or your smartphone!). Six caches are hidden in Piscataway Park—can you find them all?

Rent a GPS unit from the Visitor Center during opening hours, or use your own tech and start hunting!

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Nature Scavenger Hunt

Attention! Eager explorers and astute adventurers wanted to traverse the trails of Piscataway Park in search of nature's most fascinating finds. See how many of the nature items on our list you can find and photograph. Purchase a nature scavenger hunt guide from the Visitor Center during opening hours or download the guide online for a virtual experience.


National Colonial Farm

Scavenger Hunt

Explore the historic buildings of the National Colonial Farm while trying to solve a series of historic puzzles and riddles. Will you be able to find everything you need to solve the final puzzle?


Through The Eyes of Cate Sharper

National Colonial Farm Tour

A special self-guided tour of the National Colonial Farm that features the life of Cate Sharper. Cate Sharper was a real woman enslaved in Prince George's County in the mid-18th century. As you explore the historic buildings, learn about what life was like for someone enslaved in Southern Maryland in the 1700s.