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A Call to all Tailors and Milliners!

“A Plea” by Matt Mattingly

Colonial interpreters spin and card wool (but no one to sew!)

A new year is upon us and our period clothing is showing the scars of last year’s work! We have rips and tears, fadings and stainings, missing buttons and missing pieces–and I can’t sew!

All kidding aside the National Colonial Farm could definitely use a few good volunteers to help us–by that I mean making everything–create some new wardrobe pieces for the coming season. Some Gentry folk plan on visiting this year and that means suits for the gentlemen and fine caps for the ladies. If you know your way around a needle and thread, sewing machine and patterns and are looking for a beautiful, fun and informative place to spend a few hours a week then welcome to the best view in town! We provide everything; you just bring your experience!

Volunteer Foodways interpreter assists with the food preparation at the National Colonial Farm

Familiarity with garment construction is a definite plus as colonial clothing can be a little challenging to construct. Anyone interested please contact Tricia Hardin at or 301-283-2113, ext. 12.

Looking forward to a great year!

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