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A New Addition to the Barnyard!

Barnyard Blog by Polly Festa

It’s a boy.  That’s right, Lynn of the National Colonial Farm and Meadow Brook Gabe are proud to announce the birth of their son “Loin,” who was born on Saturday, November 5th. When I turned the cows out for the day Lynn looked no closer to calving then she had for the past week.  So you can imagine my surprise as I headed out to fix fence in the same field as the cows, to see a newborn calf. The bouncing baby bull weighed a mere 75 pounds and stood a proud 24 inches.  Or a least he did when I left the Accokeek Foundation on Wednesday to head out to the 29th annual American Livestock Breed Conservancy Conference, in Wichita Kansas (I will speak of those adventures in a later post). Loin is a very active and healthy calf. He loves to play chase with Mary Gertrude, Lorelei, Patty, and JuJubee.  Momma Lynn is not so fond of the game. She often chases along after him as if to say its time to stop.  I swear I can hear her say, “That’s enough of this nonsense! Come Back Here Right NOW!!!” And he usually will in 5-10 minutes, but I think he likes to tweak her tail.  When he is not running his momma ragged he is usually eating or sleeping — typical newborn behavior. Come down to the farm and see him soon, you know how fast these youngsters grow up!

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