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Botany Study Group

Meeting monthly, this instructor-led botany study group will learn about the major plant families, while focusing on identification skills and basic botany terminology using Botany in a Day by Thomas Elpel as a reference guide. Textual studies will be supplemented with local plants in flower for a hands-on practice with identification keys. This study group is appropriate for beginning to intermediate botanists of all ages. Kids are welcome, but must have an adult with them, and must pay the full registration fee. The registration fee is for an 8-session course of study.

The meeting schedule is:

  1. April 1

  2. May 6

  3. June 3

  4. July 1

  5. August 5

  6. August 26

  7. October 7

  8. November 4

About the Instructor:

Holly Poole-Kavana

Holly is a lifelong plant enthusiast, and started formally studying herbal medicine in 2005, after she began working in health care. She is the owner of Little Red Bird Botanicals and is excited about the ways herbal medicine can help us all to have a little more control over our own health, and provide support to those we care about. She had apprenticed with herbalist 7song at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, completed the Clinic II program at Sacred Plant Traditions, studied at the Pacific School of Botanical Medicine, and holds a BS in botany.

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