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Earth Day Bingo

It’s the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, and we’ve partnered with our neighbor, the Alice Ferguson Foundation, to create Earth Day Bingo!

There are two different Bingo Challenges to complete. One card is ideal for families and children, the other is a bit more challenging and asks you to dig a bit deeper into the issues affecting our environment today.

Check them out, complete the challenges, and let us know which activities were your favorite.

Earth Day Bingo (for kids and families)

Earth Day Bingo (digging deeper)

Click on the links below for additional information on how to complete the Earth Bingo challenges for kids and families. For resources on completing the other Earth Bingo Card, visit the Alice Ferguson Foundation’s resource page.  

  1. Make Birdfeeders

  2. Go stargazing

  3. Research the Decomposition Rate of 5 everyday items.

  4. 1 tree = 157 pieces of cardboard. How many pieces can you find at home?

  5. Make dog toys out of old clothes

  6. Make a Bottlecap Mosaic

  7. Create Seed starters

  8. Bread and water Mold experiment

  9. Start a nature journal

  10. Write a story about the water cycle

  11. Join the “Clean Plate Club” 

  12.  How many ecosystems can you find outside?

Complete 10 challenges and you are a winner! Download the badge below and fill it out with your name! Don’t forget to share pictures of you completing the challenges with Alice Ferguson Foundation and Accokeek Foundation to commemorate your EARTH saving efforts!

Earth Hero Badge (Printable)

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