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Field Notes: Volume 16, Number 8

This Week’s Harvest

  1. Green Garlic

  2. Green Onions

  3. Beets

  4. Cabbage

  5. Summer Squash

  6. Cucumbers

  7. Tomatoes

While we strive for consistency at the Ecosystem Farm, we ask that our SHAREholders please keep in mind that Friday and Tuesday harvests will not always be the same.

For your convenience, an exact harvest list will be posted in the packing shed.

This past week has been a busy one at the Ecosystem Farm. While Jose is in Shawnee, Oklahoma, at the Rural Coalition/Coalicion Rural National Rural Gathering, the rest of the farm staff has been hard at work while the days are long. The calendar summer has been welcomed with weed-wrangling and ever more plantings, as well as the addition of three new part-time farmhands—mother and daughter duo Terri and Molly, and Keely—all of whom have close ties to this land. Terri worked on the Ecosystem Farm years ago, alongside Keely’s mother; now, the two daughters are enjoying the unconventionality of the summer job that their mothers once (and in Terri’s case, once again) had.

The heat of the summer is still rising, but the staff has started to sow fall brassicas into flats. Cool-weather loving vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, and brussels sprouts will grow up in the late summer and be harvested in the fall. But in the meantime, we have high-summer delights to look forward to: tomatoes and peppers; beans and basil; squash and melons; and what we hope will be a huge crop of garlic, to be pulled out of the ground this weekend.