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Green Thumbs Volunteer Club

Green Thumbs is a volunteer group that invites gardeners of all ages and skill levels to lend a hand in the Accokeek Foundation’s Museum Garden. The Museum Garden is an educational demonstration garden which acts as a bridge between the Robert Ware Strauss organic Ecosystem Farm and the National Colonial Farm by showcasing the diverse cultural influences on modern agriculture. Volunteers will have an opportunity to learn more about the history of heirloom vegetables and the practices behind organic gardening, from planting and harvesting to managing weeds and pests. We will work together in the garden space, sharing ideas, knowledge, skills, and stories. We will meet at 9 am on Thursdays throughout the growing season.

Responsibilities May Include:

  1. Plant, water, and tend plants

  2. Monitor plant health and treat for disease, nutrient deficiency, and pests

  3. Keep gardens and pathways weed free and accessible

  4. Repair garden fences, gates, and interior structures as needed

  5. Provide staking, trellising, and other supports to plants as needed

  6. Maintain compost bins

  7. Harvest, process, and save seed

  8. Maintain tools, supplies, and equipment in good working order

No previous experience necessary. This volunteer position is ideal for anyone interested in horticulture, gardening, or food history. Opportunities exist for all skill levels.

compost small

*You must be 16 years old to volunteer without a parent or guardian.

Questions? For more information or to participate, email the volunteer coordinator. View the full position description here.

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