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Hog Blog: Road Trippin’ Cows

by Sally

Well, I never. Cows on a road trip? That’s what happened here on the farm last week. Two of the Milking Devon heifers, Lorelei and Jujubee, went on a road trip to the Charles County Fair.  At least that’s what my good friend, Mercy, told me, so I went to investigate. I went over to the barnyard to ask Lady what she knows.

“Lady, what do you know about these gallivanting calves?” I asked.

“Well, my dear Sally, I heard that my darling Polly took the calves to the fair. Though, I am not sure what to make of these photos I found lying next to the tack room door.” Lady replied.

“Hey!  What are you two doing with our fair pictures?” shouted Jujubee.

“Yeah! Those are ours! We are going to use them in our blog post,” claimed Lorelei.

“Blog Post!?” Lady and I declared with shock.

Polly, who had been in the tack room, getting out Lady’s saddle, came out of the saying, “Yes, ladies, I asked the girls to write a blog about going to the Fair. I even lent them my camera when we walked around the fair grounds to see what else was going on. Sally, maybe you can help the girls with their blog. They are just babies.”

“POOOLLLLYYY!!! We’re BIG girls now!” Jujubee and Lorelei cried out.

“Of course I can, Polly. It would be my pleasure to help. Someone must teach the younger generation how to captivate the hearts of the public,” I replied compassionately.

“Thanks Sally. Come on, Lady, we have fence line to check.  Girls, be good and listen to Sally,” Polly said on her way out the door with Lady.

So if you come back later, you will see what my young pupils blog about the fair.

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