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Pic of the Week Caption Contest

One of our favorite things to do at the farm is to take photos — lots and lots of photos! From the barnyard and the colonial site to the river and the gardens and fields, the farm offers a lot of subjects for photography (or any art medium for that matter).

We often have such a good time thinking about fun and sometimes funny captions for many of the photographs that we thought, why should we have all the fun?

So, we ask you (our faithful followers) to join in on a Caption Contest.  Starting NOW, we’ll post a recently shot photo or “Pic” every other week for you to enjoy.  Fans can submit their best caption ideas to the Accokeek Foundation “panel”, which will review entries and select a winner. The winning caption will be posted in the following week’s eNewsletter.

Here is last week’s Pic with an example caption… (just to help you to get your creative juices flowing).

April Launch of Sprouts - Seeds and Spinach

If Jackson Pollock can do it, so can I –(your name could go here)

Are you ready? After the jump, this week’s Pic is of two of our newest additions to the Heritage breed Hog Island sheep herd…

Heritage Hog Island lambs grazing in lush spring pastures. Photo by Catherine Krikstan, Accokeek Foundation

Submit your “Winning” captions to us by 12 midnight on Monday, May 9.  The winning caption with the first name, last initial of the winner will be announced in the May 10th edition of the eNews. Good Luck!

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