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Place a Wager and Support Museum Theatre at the National Colonial Farm!

This year’s theme for the big summer colonial event, That’s Entertainment: The Politics of Mirth, is a colonial-era barbeque designed to introduce the 21st century visitor into the world of 18th century entertainments and the deep social meanings they held for all classes of early Marylanders. These barbecues were held to endorse political office, show off social class and fulfill the desire to gamble! The event will include activities in which guests can place bets (with pretend tobacco notes) on card games, horse races, boxing,  as well as experience theatrical performances, merriment and more!

Before the event on July 28th and 29th we are giving everyone the opportunity to get in on the action early and “buy in” (donate) to the Museum Theatre Program!

$25 “buy-in”

$50 “buy-in”

$75 “buy-in”

$100 “buy-in”

Don’t forget to join us on July 28th or 29th for the museum theatre interns’ final performance! That’s Entertainment: The Politics of Mirth kicks off at 4 pm!

About the program: Each summer at the Accokeek Foundation, museum theatre hopefuls audition for the opportunity to participate in the Foundation’s unique program that provides intensive training in Museum Theatre–a form of live performance used to educate and engage visitors at museums around the world. A handful of interns are then selected and receive intensive training in living history interpretation as they research, develop, and present museum theatre performances at the National Colonial Farm, an outdoor museum complete with historic buildings and heritage breed animals, on the Potomac River. Beginning each June, the program lasts for seven weeks, with “vignette” performances each weekend, and concludes with an interactive performance during the annual Colonial Day event.

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