• Kate Hanfling, Volunteer

Processing the Process: Hog Island Wool from Sheep to Skein

Did you know that we use the wool produced by our Hog Island Sheep to make yarn? Volunteers shear the wool, process it, spin it, and dye it to create the yarn we use for crafts which we sell in the visitors center to support our conservation work. We also sell wool and yarn, so you can create your own DIY projects with Hog Island wool.

So how do we make beautiful yarn from the wool on our sheep? It’s a whole process! Today we're going to break it down, step by step, so you can do it too!

First, the sheep are shorn. This happens in in the spring to prepare for hot summer weather. The shearing process helps the sheep stay cool and makes room for new growth. It also helps keep the sheep clean. Check out this video of Nuget getting her annual haircut!