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Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling Our Way to a Cleaner Potomac.

Serving as a source of drinking water for more than five million residence and as a home to a plethora of local plants and animals, the Potomac River is essential to healthy, happy living in the Chesapeake Bay region. After years of work to protect this vital river, the Potomac finally saw a significant improvement in 2016. Pollution levels decreased and fisheries were rejuvenated. However, the fight is not over. In order to continue supporting the river all Washingtonians love, conservation actions must continue.

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Say “No” to Straws: When ordering drinks at a restaurant, ask them to be served sans straw. If you prefer to enjoy your beverages through a straw, purchase a glass or stainless steel straw and bring it with you!

Paper Not Plastic: Opt for paper bags at the checkout line if your grocery store offers them. Take it one step further and bring your own reusable bags. Some grocery stores even offer a discount for this!

Shop Smart: When shopping for household products, toiletries, and groceries, avoid buying things packaged in plastic wrap or plastic bottles. Buy a laundry detergent packed in a cardboard box rather than a plastic jug. Buy loose produce instead of those wrapped in plastic wrap. Buy bars of soap in cardboard boxes rather than plastic bottles of liquid body wash.

Use Reusable Cups and Bottles: Stop wasting money and plastic on water bottles. Buy a reusable water bottle or cup that you can refill over and over. You can also have this filled with your favorite caffeinated drink at your favorite coffee shop to eliminate the need for non-reusable cups.

Opt For Traditional Matches: Get rid of those disposable, plastic lighters. Stock up on wood matches instead!