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Self-Guided Adventures

If you’re anything like us, you may have found solace these past few months in nature and the outdoors. While staying home and staying safe, we’ve missed a lot of things—visiting with family and friends, attending our favorite events, patronizing some of our favorite local businesses. But, in missing those things, we’ve embraced the opportunity to spend more time observing and learning from the natural world. We’ve tended our gardens, hiked quiet trails, watched bluebirds build their nests, foraged for wild edibles, and built nature-inspired fairy homes. The only thing missing is YOU.

Since we can’t share Piscataway Park with you in the ways that we normally would (nature hikes, workshops, volunteer events, guided tours), we’ve come up with some ways that you can enjoy the peace and beauty of nature while still keeping yourself and your family safe.

These self-guided adventures are designed for Piscataway Park, but many can be done in your own neighborhood. They offer new ways to explore the landscape and culture of the area so that you can continue to connect and learn during this difficult time.

Each activity is just $5, and the funds we receive will help support essential park staff who are working hard to keep the park open, accessible, and safe for the community, as well as caring for our animals and tending the historic gardens.

Simply click below to purchase the adventure of your choice, and you will receive via email a link to download an activity guide.

Nature Photo Scavenger Hunt

Can you find and photograph everything on this list? Look at nature in a new way while also honing your photography skills!Buy the Nature Scavenger Hunt

National Colonial Farm Scavenger Hunt

Can you solve these historic riddles based on things found on the National Colonial Farm? It’s like National Treasure, but the treasure is the fun you’ll have solving our puzzles! (Repeat, there is no treasure at the end of this adventure, although we wish there was.)Buy the National Colonial Farm Scavenger Hunt

Bird Adventure Activity Guide

Become a birding expert with the activity guide from our Bird Adventure Pack. While we can’t supply you with the whole backpack online, you’ll still be able to master the guide using resources you have at home!Buy the Bird Adventure Activity Guide

Fairy Trail Activity Guide (Closing November 16)

The houses on the fairy trail will be taken down for the season on November 16. Even though the trail will be closed, the 2020 Fairy Trail guidebook will still be available for download after November 16.

Calling all fairyologists! The fairies have once again opened up a portal to their magical realm and are inviting you to explore the Piscataway Park Fairy Trail. To guide you on your enchanted journey, we’ve worked with the fairies to create this special Fairy Trail Guide Book. And this year’s fairy trail is all about pollinators!Buy the Fairy Trail Guide Book

If you decide to embark on your adventure within Piscataway Park, please make sure you are following safety protocols:
  1. Maintain at least 6 feet of distance from other visitors to the park.

  2. Leave no trace. Make sure that any trash you bring to the park is either thrown away OR packed back out with you when you leave. Leaving trash for park employees to clean up puts them at risk.

  3. Bring a mask. For those times when you are in more populated areas (like the parking lot) or if you encounter another visitor on the trails, make sure that you have a mask to keep yourself and other visitors safe.

  4. If you have been feeling unwell, STAY HOME! Additional Information about COVID-19 and Piscataway Park

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