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Sharing Our Holiday Food Traditions: Dishing Up Deliciousness for Thanksgiving

Office Manager, Patti Norment, and Site Interpreter, Tricia Hardin share with us their most favorite holiday treats enjoyed by their families on Thanksgiving.

Tricia enjoys a big turkey with all of the trimmings, including whole berry cranberry sauce, while Patti raves about her “mama’s homemade stuffing with hot sausage.” She says that while it is not heart-healthy, it is Mmm, mmm, Good!

For Christmas, Tricia makes decorated and iced, rich rolled cookies and sends them across the country to her family.

No wonder we love the holidays – calories galore. Yum!

An All-American Thanksgiving.

An All-American Thanksgiving.

What food traditions does your family have during the holidays?

Share with us your food stories or memories on Facebook or email them to us (food pics are always deliciously welcomed.)

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