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Spring Launch of Sprouts

Participants in April's session of Sprouts learned about little seeds and green leaves of spinach.

With the sun out and the earth warm, it seems the time is right for all of us—adults and children alike—to get outside. Indeed, encouraging children to spend time walking a nature trail or digging their hands into the dark soil of a garden bed can instill at an early age an appreciation of the natural world.

The Accokeek Foundation has continued its own efforts to strengthen the connection between children and the environment with its spring launch of Sprouts, a one-hour educational program for children ages 3-5. Sprouts, which will take place on the third Thursday of each month from April through October, introduces children to the ins and outs of that ever-so-common outdoor space that is a backyard vegetable garden. With programs devoted to the fruits and vegetables that grow in a garden and even the creatures that pollinate it, Sprouts features fun activities for parents and children to do together, from singing songs and reading stories to making crafts and playing games.

In April, a dozen children learned about little seeds and green leaves of spinach. Take a look at photos from the program below.

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