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The Hog Blog: A Hog’s-Eye View of Twilight Tales

by Sally

The haunted farm house--complete with frightening Jack-o-Lantern.

Rocky and I have the best hog’s-eye view of our favorite event on the National Colonial Farm: Twilight Tales. The freak snowstorm that blew through Maryland last weekend postponed the annual event, which celebrates Halloween with a haunted farm house and frightening encounters with ghouls, ghosts, and otherwise lost souls from Colonial Maryland. But what a night it turned out to be!

My finely tuned ears picked up the sounds of songs and stories from the fishing pier, just as the sun set over Mount Vernon. My only request to fabulous storyteller Ann Ramsey—which she honored—was that her spooky stories not include any references to hog killing or pork barbecue. When I saw the boiling cauldron hung over the fire pit near the field that we call home, I got a little nervous. Fortunately, nothing went into the pot (nothing earthly, that is).

Just one of the lost souls that haunts Colonial Maryland.