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The Hog Blog: An Encounter With Inky

by “Inky”

With her photograph in a book and her bristles in what seems like everyone’s business, Sally thinks she’s such a star. But that Ossabaw Hog isn’t the only animal at the Accokeek Foundation. There are Dominique Chickens, Milking Red Devon Cattle, and—more importantly—Hog Island Sheep like me!

Our entire flock of 20 sheep was shorn last month. In and out of the shearer’s station we went, in preparation for warmer weather. Of course, the new buzz cuts suit some of us (let’s be honest: me) more than others. And last weekend I even heard from several members of the Stitch ‘n Time Club that my wool—so soft, so white, so easy to spin—is going to be woven into an afghan. Not a scarf, not a pair of stockings, but an afghan! All of the compliments the club members gave me sure were nice. Now they just have to learn that I’d much prefer a scratch under the chin.

This is my first spring on the National Colonial Farm. First spring ever, really, as I was only born in July. But I can see why the other animals love this season so much. Grass-eating and field-frolicking and shady-spot-under-a-tree-sleeping now make up much of my day. And there has been a huge jump in admirers—I mean, visitors—to the site. I have noticed that the newborn lambs get a lot of the attention, but I think our visitors can recognize a teen dream when they see one!

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