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Wedding Announcement: Sir Nigel Nicely and Lady Aster

Born on February 25, 2015, to Nuget, Nigel’s small stature (a mere two pounds) required he received extra care from farm staff. As staff and volunteers took turns bottle feeding this little lamb, he quickly won the hearts of all he met.

Unwilling to let his tough start slow him down, Nigel has become an important advocate for heritage breed conservation. There are fewer than 200 Hog Island sheep in the world and Nigel is dedicated to bringing his breed (and other critically endangered livestock) back from the brink of extinction.

Receiving a knighthood for his work in 2017, the newly Sir Nigel went on to debut a business enterprise at last year’s Lattes with Lambs festival. His company solidified his success in the business world, and he continues to be involved in the heritage breed philanthropic efforts so close to his heart.

When he met Lady Aster at pasture last summer, it was love at first bleat. The couple has been inseparable ever since, and are excited to share their love with all the guests at Lattes with Lambs.

In lieu of wedding presents, the couple has requested that donations be made to support the Accokeek Foundation’s heritage breed conservation work.

Follow the Accokeek Foundation on Facebook for updates on the upcoming nuptials.

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