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Weekend Vignettes

Sunday, July 24, 2011 – Leading up to our Colonial Day: Crime and Punishment event our Museum Theatre Interns will be performing weekend vignettes or short scenes to further explore the justice system in colonial Maryland. Vignettes will be every Saturday and Sunday from June 25th through July 24th.

“Tales from the Pillory” – What would it take to land yourself in the pillory? Stop by and hear from those unfortunate enough to find out!

Where: “The Pillory” on Cedar Lane

Show times: 11 am, 1 pm, and 2:30 pm

“Insolent and Contemptuous Carriages” – Bastardy in 18th century Maryland: This trial re-enactment looks into the crime of bastardy (a child born to unwed parents) and how it was dealt with in colonial Maryland. Here we present three women convicted of the same crime whose circumstances clearly illustrate how this particular crime was dealt with. Some subject and language may not be appropriate for children.

Where: “The County Court” at the demo kitchen

Show time: 2:30 pm

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dromond melody
dromond melody
Jun 04

The crime of bastardy, which refers to a child born to parents who were not married, is investigated in this re-enactment of a trial, which examines how the offense was handled in colonial Maryland. geometry dash online

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