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“Where’s The Beef?” Foodways Found it This Month

Our friends from the Zia Pueblo

It was a fairly warm Saturday on the National Colonial Farm but under the shade of a poplar tree the Accokeek Foundation held its monthly Foodways event. Our friends Peter and Stella Pino from the Zia Pueblo in New Mexico, along with our own Matt Mattingly, demonstrated to guests delicious ways to prepare venison, rabbit and muskrat. A long table situated close to the hearth was packed with various dishes, utensils and ingredients necessary for a colonial inspired feast. Guests chatted quietly while awaiting the signal to dig into what was being prepared over the open fire before them. Finally, Matt presented his traditionally prepared  muskrat partnered with a simple, sweet herb infused English gravy and the guests swarmed the table to get a taste.

While our friend Glenn Burlack from the National Museum of the American Indian manned the fire, Peter perfected the art of rabbit stew, which had just the right amount of spice especially when paired with the delicious tortillas that Stella was hand making (she even took a special request and made some fry bread).  Also boiling over the fire was a venison and summer squash dish that was delightful on this particularly warm spring day. Added to the table of ingredient was a large bowl of greens with a dressing quickly prepared by Stella. The crisp lettuce was the perfect combination with the warm meat dishes.

Once all of the stomachs were full and only the smell of fresh herbs and cooling coals were left in the air, the crowd of guests started to disperse and all that was heard was the sound of quiet discussions in anticipation for the next Foodways event.  Join us for the next colonial inspired meal on June 18th – only at the National Colonial Farm.

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