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Chesapeake Conservation Corps: Tomorrow’s Conservation Leaders


If successfully matched with the Accokeek Foundation, the Corps Volunteer will be involved in all aspects of expanding the Agriculture Conservation Corps (ACC) program at the Accokeek Foundation. With the Agriculture Education Manager, the Corps Volunteer will administer and implement this farm-based internship program for area youth. The program will feature applied learning at the Foundation’s National Colonial Farm and certified organic Ecosystem Farm to introduce high school students to careers in sustainable agriculture. This position is ideal for a candidate interested in pursuing a career in farming, agriculture education and/or Colonial history.

Primary responsibilities will include:

  1. Develop an implementation and evaluation toolkit for the ACC program;

  2. Plan and facilitate experiential programming on sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship;

  3. Build positive working relationships with students and staff;

  4. Participate in and lead agricultural tasks including seeding, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, and animal husbandry;

  5. Conduct outreach throughout the year at area high schools and career fairs to promote the ACC program;

  6. Educate the public about organic/sustainable agriculture; and

  7. Document and evaluate programming.

The Chesapeake Bay Trust anticipates placing around 25-30 Corps Volunteers, young adults 18-25, with nonprofit organizations and government agencies throughout Maryland for a paid year of service ($16,000) beginning on August 25, 2015.

To apply, fill out an application to be a Chesapeake Conservation Corps volunteer and return to the Chesapeake Bay Trust by April 17, 2015. For any questions about becoming a volunteer or about the Chesapeake Conservation Corps, contact Program Officer Tara Baker, 410-974-2941, ext. 102.

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