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Hog Blog: Blue Ribbon Calves in Charles County

by Lorelei and Jujubee

Hi, my name is Lorelei. I am 9 months old. In human years that’s like being 9 years old. I was the Best of Show Dairy Female at the Charles County Fair.

Hey, Blog Hog, What about me! I am Jujubee, and I am 10 months old. I was the first place Fall Calf at the Charles County Fair. My sister, Lorelei, and I won the best two head any age class too.

Ladies, it is not nice to call each other names. – Sally

Sorry, Sally

Sorry, Sally

At the Fair we saw many interesting things. Like all the exhibit buildings. My favorite building was the 4-H building, because Polly told me that the Human Calves made or grew everything in the Building.

My Favorite building was the animal Barns, because of all the cute boys. My least favorite was “Lenny’s Ethnic Sausage.”  They had every type of sausage going, Polly told me not to worry about it, but it made me sad. So Polly bought us ice cream at Antietam Ice Cream. It was good, even if it was made with Jersey, not Devon, milk.

Poor Baby, I’m glad Polly was there to comfort you. – Sally

I liked when the Chick-Fil-A Cow came over for a visit. I was getting clipped (my hair done) and my horns polished for the show when she came up. Polly offered to clip her, too, and polish her horns.  I think Polly did a beautiful job getting us ready for the show.

Yeah, me too! I thought the wood carvers were cool. They are building a merry-go-round. They even let the little human calves help. I think Polly liked the tractor exhibits best.

The Fair was fun. I hope Polly takes us next year.

Yeah, I had fun too. I heard Polly saying that she was taking us next year. Below are some photos that Polly took for us to add to our album. More photos can be seen by clicking here.

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