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Remembering Clara Moran: An Extraordinary Woman

Remembering Clara Moran

Clara loved her mums

Throughout its history the Accokeek Foundation has been blessed by the contributions of many extraordinary women. None of them has been more important than Clara Moran, who died earlier this month at the age of 91. Clara’s connection to the Foundation began in our earliest times, in the 1950s, and will continue long into the future.

Clara Spooner Moran was born on her parents’ fruit and vegetable farm in eastern Washington State. Following is an excerpt from notes on an oral history interview conducted with Clara as part of the Accokeek Oral History Project:

Before she was old enough to start school, she liked to go down to the school house and wander around the classroom playing [which was very distracting to the teacher and the students]. The teacher spoke to her father and said that if Clara was going to come to the schoolhouse, she’d have to be a student. So she started first grade when she was 5 years old.

She went to a teacher’s school in Spokane for several years, and got a job teaching near Coolie Dam in Washington State. She lodged with a farmer there, and taught in a one-room schoolhouse for a year.

Although Clara left the farm as a young woman, the lessons of farm life stayed with her and served her well.

Martha, Clara, and Robert take a boat ride