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Roasted Cherry Tomato Soup



  1. 4-6 cups of cherry tomatoes

  2. 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

  3. 2 medium sized onions, cut into large pieces

  4. 2 large garlic cloves, minced

  5. 2 cups chicken stock

  6. 2/3 cup heavy cream

  7. 1/2 cup fresh basil leaves, divided

  8. Freshly ground black pepper

  9. 1 tsp. dried oregano

  10. 2/3 cup of grated Parmesan cheese, plus more for serving

  11. salt

Pre-heat the oven to 450 degrees.

Place the cut onions, cherry tomatoes, oregano, 1/4 cup of fresh basil leaves (whole) and salt and pepper to taste on a small roasting pan. Drizzle 3 tablespoons of olive oil over the tomatoes, onions and herbs, and toss to coat.

Place the pan in the oven and roast about 15-20 minutes until the tomatoes are soft and blistered. Remove from oven and pour into a medium to large size sauce pan. Turn the burner on medium-low. Add the minced garlic and chicken stock, and remainder of fresh basil.

Using a counter top blender or an immersion blender, blend the vegetables to the consistency you prefer – chunky, thin, or in between. Once it’s blended the way you like it, add the parmesan cheese and heavy cream. Stir to blend and heat through. Add more salt and pepper to taste.

Serve immediately.

Yields: approx. 4 servings

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