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The Hog Blog

by “Sally”

Recently my photo was selected by a London publisher for inclusion in a new book by Brett Mizelle (a professor at California State University) called Pig. You can see the photo of me here.

Sally and Rocky--Ossabaw Hogs--Bask in the Sun

Sally (left) and Rocky (right), Heritage breed Ossabaw Hogs at the National Colonial Farm

Over 1 billion pigs on the planet, and a picture of little ‘ol me made it into this important new book. I’m the cute one on the left. On the right is my partner Rocky (showing his “best side”?). I realized that this might be my big break, my shot at the big time! In any case, it was the perfect excuse to start my own blog! Miss Piggy, eat your heart out.

I live at the National Colonial Farm, a wonderful little place on the Potomac River across the river from George Washington’s Mount Vernon (where some of my cousins live). I’m called an Ossabaw Island Hog, which is a “heritage breed.” The other day I asked the manager of the farm, Matt Mattingly, what a heritage breed is. He said, “Sally, sweetheart, it means you’re important!” Apparently my ancestors were left by Spaniards in the 16th century on an island off the coast of what became the state of Georgia. If you want to read more go here.

The Hog Blog will be an occasional account of life at the National Colonial Farm from the perspective of its inhabitants–The Animals! Stay tuned. Now I have an urgent appointment with a mud puddle.

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