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The Hog Blog: It’s National Cow Appreciation Day!

by Sally Harry

Aww, how can you say no to that face? Harry the Red Devon steer, 2011

Harry, the Red Devon steer, aka "Lisa's Boyfriend"

National Cow Appreciation Day, eh? Who could’ve imagined such a day existed?! Well, that Sally sure has been hamming it up around here, so I say moooove over, it’s about time I had my moment to shine!

It’s a bright and sun-shiny day at the National Colonial Farm, which means there will be lots and lots of visitors–from people fishing and children smiling to folks strolling around with their dogs. I simply love it when people visit, and I can’t think of a better way to appreciate me, er, I mean the cattle. So the next time you’re here, come find me and say hello. I’m usually grazing about in the fields around the National Colonial Farm, along Cedar Lane… I promise not to lick ya (hoofs crossed).

And since I’m not a “hog”, I’ll introduce ya to a few of my cattle friends here:

Red Devon Ox at the National Colonial Farm

This is Rocky… or is it Bullwinkle? I can never tell these big guys apart.

Milking Devon Cattle Keeping Cool on a Hot Summer Day

Now, this fellow is just showing off.

Cherry and Calf, Red Devon Cattle

This is Miss Cherry and her young calf.

Red Devon Milking Calves, Summer 2010

The youngin’s from last summer. Hey! Save some for me.

Hello Harry!

Whoop! That’s me. Well, until next time my friends.

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